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Technology as the New Basic Need in the 21st Century

Is technology the new basic need?  
For decades, the foundations of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs were simple – food, water, shelter. But in today’s digital world, has the pyramid received an upgrade? Has technology become just as essential as those physiological necessities?  
The Stark Reality of Rural India  
Over 96% of rural Indian households still lack access to computers. While urban students code and create with technology, rural youth lack the digital skills for future careers. This is a startling reality that we must confront.  
The Inequities Faced by Rural Schools  
Rural schools face a myriad of challenges:  
Water scarcity: The lack of clean drinking water forces students to spend hours collecting water instead of learning, leading to decreased school attendance.  
Limited extracurricular activities: The minimal availability of extracurricular activities results in a lack of creative outlets and skill-building opportunities.

Traceable Giving Foundation’s Role   
At the Traceable Giving Foundation, we are on a mission to close this digital divide. We aim to do this through tech-enabled classrooms, improved infrastructure, and expanded learning opportunities.  
In the face of these challenges, the potential of technology to transform lives and communities cannot be overstated. As we stand on the brink of a digital revolution, it is crucial that no one is left behind. The stark digital divide between urban and rural areas is not just a disparity in access to technology, but a gap in the opportunities for growth, innovation, and prosperity. 
At the Traceable Giving Foundation, we believe in the power of technology as a tool for change. By equipping rural schools with tech-enabled classrooms and improved infrastructure, we are not just providing access to technology, but opening doors to a world of possibilities.
However, the journey towards digital inclusivity is not one we can undertake alone. It requires the collective action of individuals, communities, and organizations. Every small step taken, every resource contributed, and every voice raised brings us closer to our goal. 
Together, we can ensure that technology, the new basic need of the 21st century, is within reach of every individual, irrespective of their geographical location. In doing so, we are not just bridging the digital divide, but building bridges to a more equitable, inclusive, and prosperous future.