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How TGF’s “BrightHer Tomorrow” project is lighting the way

The Indian Constitution guarantees equal rights for all, including education. Yet, the reality is far from equal.

Girls often receive only primary or secondary education, a disparity reflected in our imbalanced gender ratio of 943 females per 1000 males.

How can India progress when half its population lacks basic education and skills?

The global challenge

The situation is not unique to India. A staggering 129 million girls are out of school worldwide, facing barriers like poverty, child marriage, and cultural norms prioritizing boys’ education. Demolished regions see these numbers double. 
Societal norms: Deep-rooted traditions often value boys’ education over girls’, limiting female access to schooling. 

Economic constraints: Poverty forces families to prioritize sons’ education, leaving girls behind. 

Child marriage: Early marriage and motherhood cut short girls’ educations, perpetuating poverty cycles. 

Safety concerns: Long distances, harassment, and violence deter girls from attending school. 

Lack of infrastructure: Inadequate facilities, including separate toilets for girls and poor transportation, create further hurdles. 
Lighting the way 
We stepped in with an impactful “BrightHer Tomorrow” project. Our initiative’s vision is to empower girls through education, not just by sponsoring them financially, but also by providing the tools and support they need to overcome challenges and become catalyst of change. 
Building a brighter future 
This project offers scholarships, educational materials, and weekly training programs. They go beyond academics, providing emotional support and exposing girls to different fields through orientation programs.  
From the 13 girls we selected, their aspirations were incredibly inspiring.  
Their dreams encompassed a range of impactful careers, including serving in the military, educating young minds, caring for the sick, and upholding the law.

The wave effect of education

The wave effect of education 
The impact is undeniable. By supporting and educating girls, Traceable Giving Foundation equips them to break free from poverty cycles and become future leaders.  
Imagine the impact of 13 empowered women – 13 families lifted out of poverty, 13 voices advocating for change, and 13 girls who can inspire others. 
The fight for girls’ education is a collective effort. You can be part of the solution by supporting the Traceable Giving Foundation or similar organizations. 
Individually we are just drops, together we are an ocean.​