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Unlocking Transparency & Impact: The Traceable giving Foundation Onboarding Process

We’ve grown from a humble group of 25 schools to a thriving network of over 40. But the question remains: how do schools join our impactful journey? This blog unveils the onboarding process and the powerful tools that fuel transparency and success for all involved.

Joining Forces: A Seamless Onboarding Process

At TGF, transparency is paramount. Our journey begins with a simple yet thorough process. Schools register online, providing details that allow us to understand their needs. This includes a Know Your Customer (KYC) process to assess demographics like student and teacher numbers, along with attendance rates. 

A dedicated software portal serves as the central hub for this process. Here, our team verifies information and approves the KYC, paving the way for a school to become officially affiliated with TGF.

The Mini-ERP System: Your School's Digital Command Center

Once on board, schools receive a game-changing tool: a mini-ERP system. This comprehensive platform equips them with: 

  1. Micro-website: A digital identity for the school to showcase its story and achievements. 
  2. Student Biodata: A secure system for managing student information. 
  3. Attendance Tracker: Real-time data on student attendance for informed decision-making. 
  4. E-learning & Computer Lab Maintenance Requests: Streamlined processes for maintaining vital educational resources. 
  5. Training Program & Project Requests: A platform to request support for capacity building and impactful initiatives.  

This mini-ERP system seamlessly integrates with the TGF software portal. Sponsors also gain access to this portal, allowing them to witness the impact of their contributions firsthand. Every update from the school, from project commencement to attendance data, is readily available at their fingertips. 

This fosters unmatched transparency, ensuring sponsors see exactly where their support goes. 

A Connected Ecosystem for Impactful Change

The TGF software portal forms the foundation of a powerful ecosystem. It connects all stakeholders – the TGF team, beneficiary schools, vendors, sponsors – into a single, collaborative unit. Every contribution, every milestone achieved, is meticulously tracked through this portal. 

This fosters an environment of trust, a critical component for a community-driven movement transforming lives in rural schools. 

Are you a school seeking digital transformation or a generous contributor passionate about changing rural education? Then explore our website and start your journey with Traceable Giving Foundation.