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Digital divide in India and Impact

In the race of technology, will rural India be left in the dust? 

In India’s crowded cities, technology is a constant companion. It’s in the classrooms, in the offices, and even in the palms of our hands. But as we move further from these urban centres, the glow of screens fades, replaced by the harsh reality of the digital divide.  
Imagine a world where preparing for a technology-driven future means no access to computers or the internet. That’s the harsh reality for millions of rural students in India, facing a vast digital divide that threatens their future in an increasingly tech-driven world.   
While their urban counterparts navigate digital platforms with ease, rural youth grapple with the absence of basic amenities like electricity and computer labs in their schools.  
According to UNESCO, an approximately 8% of Indian households have access to computers, and only 15% enjoy internet connectivity. This gaping digital divide is not a random occurrence, but a consequence of several factors:   

  • ●  Infrastructure inadequacies  
  • ● Limited access to internet connectivity  
  • ● Economic disparities 
  • ● High cost of technology  

 The impact of this divide on students is profound. It contributes to lower academic achievement, enrolment, and engagement among students.   
As India races towards economic progress, this digital divide threatens to leave rural youth in its wake. The clock is ticking.   
Will we act now to equip rural youth for the digital era and build a more equitable India? Or will we allow the divide to persist and fail an entire generation?  
The future starts today. It’s time to fill this digital gap and ensure that every Indian, regardless of their location, has an equal opportunity to thrive in the digital age.   
The choice is ours. Let’s make it count.