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Charity with Clarity: Illuminating the Impact of Traceability in Social Enterprise.

Today, you anticipate being able to trace your purchases. Real-time tracking gives you peace of mind, telling you that your “investment” is on the way and not lost someplace, whether you are purchasing food or products online. So why do you have a different attitude when it comes to fundraising for welfare of the underprivilege?

Giving to different Social enterprises enables all of us to support the causes and groups that are important to us. Most of the time, you donate money without ever knowing how it was used or whether the organization you partnered with was reputable. True right?

Challenges we all face regarding fundraising for welfare :

The tracking of the impact of donations offers a substantial difficulty in social welfare giving. Even if it is difficult to measure, you would want to know how your contributions have impacted the individuals you were trying to help. The outcome? loss of faith in the efficacy of donations and reluctance to continue funding with one’s savings.

Entry of Traceable Giving:

Traceable Giving, a new effort, is hoping to change that. Here at Traceable Giving, we give charities a platform to track and report the results of donations in real time. We’re delighted to take you on a journey where you’ll learn that transparency and accountability are making a genuine difference. Awesome!

Dive into one of our most recent projects to understand how traceability has transformed our approach to charitable giving.

Corporate Partners can have faith in Traceable Giving and know that thanks to our proof of delivery system, their donations and other efforts will benefit the underprivileged and those who lack the means to support themselves. Traceable Giving makes guarantees that all transactions are secure, open, and immutable by utilizing Saas based platform. We assure zero-loss delivery of funds they receive for donations.

So how does our system work?

We have created our online portal, which is based on ERP software that allows continuous maintenance of logs, resources, and information related to every donation. As a result, we have created our system that aims for a 100% conversion rate from ‘money coming’ to ‘resources reaching students’. Once the system is in place, everyone involved can be confident that sponsors, contributors, and our students will benefit to the greatest extent possible. Reports of projects and events can be extracted according to individual needs because all the data is meticulously collected. The platform inclusive of training and development is chargeless for all contributors.

The advantages of charitable contribution traceability are obvious. Donors can have faith that their contributions are changing things for the better. The platform gives Traceable Giving a chance to show donors how effective they are and gain their trust. Increased accountability and openness in the nonprofit sector also help society as a whole.

Our Potential:

We believe Traceable Giving has the potential to revolutionize the way people think of donations these days. Our organization helps donors make sure that their donations are having a genuine impact by offering a safe, transparent, and traceable platform.

As trust and confidence increase, fundraising, support, and donations will increase as well because people believe in us as a welfare with nothing to conceal and with the public’s faith that all resources are spent wisely.

Recent Project:

Books for Change:

Recognizing the drop-out rates as a huge problem, Traceable Giving Foundation decided to provide a full set of syllabus-based books to Grade 9 and 10 students in Maharashtra’s most destitute and underprivileged villages.

Computer Labs and E-Learning Classrooms:

This will include an ‘IT’ classroom for each school, with Computers and projectors for Teachers & students to aid E-learning in classrooms.

Road to Digitalisation:

In order to ensure the efficiency in systems, we have created our online portal (in other words our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system) — allowing us to manage information, resources, and efficiently carry out our projects.

By allowing their contributors to track their contributions Traceable Giving gives them peace of mind that their money hasn’t been wasted and is making a difference. As a result, donors and the people who receive the donations develop an emotional bond and feel a natural feeling of success.

Be the change: Explore ways to support our mission!

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